The Joy Of Birth

Dr. Michael LaitmanI am optimistic. I think we are advancing forward wonderfully. I am pushing more and more, but I am certainly happy each moment that everything is being revealed so quickly.

We must maintain the admiration and the joy, not leaving a place for sadness. Even lack of satisfaction can appear only from happiness and longing for something greater. In other words, we need to be happy from the desire burning in us, and even if we don’t have a desire, we should be happy that we feel and understand this. If a person connects to spirituality, even a little, he is already on his way. One can criticize and to be sad only for a moment, in order to immediately return to happiness and determination.

According to all calculations (in spite of it being impossible to make them), we are on the brink of salvation. Even Baal HaSulam wrote about this, and this is even more correct today, after such a long time, after so many efforts were invested.

I am sure that we are going through a wonderful period of preparation now before the breakthrough which can occur at any moment. It is not so dependent on the events we plan in the future.

We maintain a wonderful and strong connection. The convention tied new strings of this connection between all groups, and in spite of the physical distances, the warmth is already dissipating among us. There is already a welded point that connects between us, which previously didn’t exist. This is already the beginning of the spiritual Kli (vessel or desire), which is what will maintain and save us.

We will overcome the obstacles and in so doing add new efforts to this point—and will be born.
From the Talk during the Meal 12/17/2011

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  1. “all the friends standing on a circle, dancing and rejoicing”.

  2. The idea of and becoming one and rising to a new way of being has left me open to being a point of heart to all whom I meet. Not just with those who we perceive as part of ours selves but those who are strangers, and can not do anything for us.

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