The Machine In Man’s Skillful Hands

Dr. Michael LaitmanAfter our correction, the machine that works only in order to receive remains. But it can do one of two things: It can either stop receiving, stop itself, which also takes great efforts, and then a person becomes neutral towards others like a righteous man living in the forest who doesn’t need anything, not even a shirt. Or it can start working inside itself, to receive in order to bestow.

This is still receiving. If someone looks at it from the outside, he will see a normal person who eats, drinks, celebrates, and worries about his health and his family; there is nothing exceptional about him. The only difference is in his internal actions, in his intention. So on the spiritual level he bestows, and whoever is with him on the same spiritual level will feel that he performs spiritual actions. Whoever is not there will not understand a thing.

It is like the well-known example of the host and the guest: We see how the guest swallows the delicacies, grabbing food from the plates, eating, drinking, and showing everyone how much he enjoys the food. Who knows what his intentions are?

In the end, all we add to our will to enjoy is the intention, which we want to receive from the force of the Creator and attach to our actions. The actions themselves remain the same. I can restrain myself out of fear, and thus not receive anything and harm no one. I can also act for the higher idea, wishing to resemble the Creator, to be closer to Him.

I can give others everything I have, receive from them in order to bestow, or even take something from certain people in order to pass it on to others out of my natural love, just like in our world. Or I can do the same for the sake of the Creator’s greatness.

There is no other reason in spirituality but the greatness of the Creator. All the other reasons to bestow are corporeal, as accepted in our world.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/21/2011, The Zohar

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