Questions On One’s Friends, The Screen, And My Language

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: After reading the post “The Influence Of The Environment On Decisions And Memory” I wonder where the concepts of individual integrity and the existential term of living authentically fit into this equation. If you are not certain (are we) of the truth of your perception of memory, how would you be able to determine whether you have made a correct assessment of the choice of friends within social dynamics? Surely I can’t confine my activity to the friends I meet in the Kabbalah seminars? What do I do in my relationship to the people I meet day to day in my ongoing life experiences?

Answer: By developing spiritually, we are distancing from everyone who is not involved in this. According to the law of equivalence of form, they cease to be your friends.

Question: What is the difference between a screen (Masach) and an intention?

Answer: The screen is the true (working) intention.

Question: We must choose our words carefully. “I think that YOU should do this” is not the same as, “We would all be better off if we did this.” We should be careful with specifying who is the giver of the information since it makes people feel talked down to sometimes. When people say, “You have not reached it yet, you will know when you do,” it makes them feel bad like the person knows more. This creates resentment.

Answer: You are right, but I am a teacher, and this is my language for those who want to learn.

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  1. Okay, thanks for answering this and I’m sorry about my question. You’re right, you are the instructor, and how you want to do things is your business.

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