Moving Upward With The Speed Of Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanHatred is that broken desire that will be revealed as love in the next moment. It is becoming revealed because the Light shines and influences the desire.

However, when there is no Light, a person appears to love everyone, just as many people say. They aren’t lying. They are in such darkness that it really seems to them that it is so, but apparently, we read about righteous people like Rabbi Shimon and his students who were burning with the fire of mutual hatred.

How do we understand that? A religious person would say that that is impossible. Aren’t such highly righteous people, pure, all in white garments, incapable of hatred?

It is written, “The opinion of the Torah is opposite to the opinion of the masses.” The opinion of the Torah is black and white stripes of rising and falling, and religion tries to keep a person in a state of equilibrium so that everything will be good from one day to another.

All my previous experiences won’t help, even though it is written that “There is none so as wise as the experienced.” All of the previous experience were received in more shallow desires with respect to the new desires that are becoming revealed and getting bigger and bigger each time.

If I’m under the influence of a stronger desire, experience that I received from a more shallow desire won’t help me. I will hit the wall with my head!

Nothing can be done until I determine the full depth of my desire. We only increase the speed of the unfolding and improve our approach to accept every desire as a desired one. It doesn’t matter if it is a good or a bad one; the most important thing is to move forward faster.

The number of rises and falls has already been recorded in each desire within each of us according to the root of his or her soul. If you had seen this inner ladder of yours, you would have learned how much you have left to go through at this degree, how much on the next one, and so forth.

You are not able to change these steps, only to speed them up. We are not allowed to see them because, in order to work and increase speed, you don’t need knowledge, and, if you knew what you were meant to go through in advance, you wouldn’t be able to overcome that hardship. From your state below, you don’t understand the speed with which you can rise above, which is, simply, the speed of light.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/3/11, The Book of Zohar

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