The Model Of The Future In North America

An update from our friends in Toronto: Today the Toronto group once again visited the “Occupy Toronto” tent city. We made a sign stating: “Reality is round like this table, so let’s talk!” One of the movement’s organizers approached us and we started talking. Slowly, more people joined in, forming a large circle of dozens of people. They took turns expressing their demands and discussed different types of unity and the future society.


The Toronto tent city is trying to be the model of the future; they are proud of living according to the laws of mutual help and care for each other. A small park in the business center of the city, squeezed between skyscrapers, has turned into a small nation with its own diner, medical station, school, and library, which already has our books.

People were saying that when they had left their park and went “into the city,” they were shocked by the society they found themselves in—“all the people hate each other there.” But once they returned to the tent city, they once again found themselves in another world, a world of warmth and care for each other.

An update from Wall Street: Saturday was productive as always: We gave out over 5,000 leaflets and gave a forty minute interview for the Chinese TV channel in New York (the largest and most popular television channel for the Chinese living in the US and outside of China). We were interviewed by the channel’s director herself, and it was interesting to talk to her as the interview was on a serious level. We hope that the groups of greater New York (Brooklyn and New Jersey) will also join us.

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