A Grandiose Crisis Of The Eurozone Will Start In The Nearest Future

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Vladislav Belov, Head of The Institute of Europe, The Russian Academy of Sciences, from vedomosti.ee): “Grandiose events in Europe related to the crisis in the eurozone will begin in the nearest future. In my opinion, we will witness them right away, by the end of the year. Europe doesn’t have time any more. …Primarily, it will be about the attitude towards the euro and the eurozone.

“Let’s look at the root of the problem: Eurozone’s economy consists of 17 countries that vary not only in size, but also in labor productivity and economic competitiveness. In fact, this arrangement is destroying the union. For the North, it is important to export goods with a high surplus value, whereas the South is all about exporting food and agricultural produce, maintaining tourism, and keeping their real estate bubble afloat.”

My Comment: The only solution is to combine all European economies and create one economy that is not about surplus value, but rather about satisfaction of the basic needs of the European population and later of the whole world. Unless and until we start viewing ourselves as one family rather than competitors, we won’t endure the crisis and will move toward the next world war.

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