What Is Required Of Us?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The world already sees the collapse waiting for it in the near future. However, except for us, no one is doing anything, and nothing good is happening.

Answer: If we had worked correctly, the world would have woken up from the dream. They won’t awaken, if we won’t wake them up. It is only us who are guilty of what’s happening. People are unable to come to their senses themselves; they awaken only if you shake them up.

This concerns everyone without an exception, including the world leaders and the experts. Some of them already have a spark of understanding. They see the real situation at least a little bit, but still do not change their way of thinking, still don’t grasp that they are the ones who must change, and not the world. We used to change the world egoistically, while now it is man who needs to change.There are scientists who are already writing about this, but their words are still very external, as they themselves don’t understand what stands behind them.

Thus our work is needed until these scientists decide to come and sit together with us at a lesson.

Only we can “shake-up” the substance of humanity. That’s why I make no claims to anyone. The creation of mass media that influences the environment correctly is also up to us. Everything is placed upon our shoulders and not somebody’s else.

Hence, looking at the world, I only learn how to approach this “baby” and bring a spoonful of nourishment to his mouth. Here everything depends on us.

Question: So what is it that we are not doing?

Answer: We do not disseminate. How do you influence the world? How do you convey to it what you receive during the lesson? We are not doing enough. After all, we are entrusted with the work of correction: to organize ourselves, to organize the connection network between us, and to stretch it over all our worldwide groups. We have a hundred groups, and millions of people listening to us without establishing contact with us.

But for some reason we lack the strength and wisdom in order to build the structure correctly. We still cannot present the message so that it will attract people and introduce the new program into them. They are not guilty of anything. In fact, they are ready to absorb more than we give them.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/23/2011, “One Commandment”

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