So You’ve Come Out To Protest? You Have Mail!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: On October 15 there will be social protest demonstrations held all over the world. What actions should we take in response?

Answer: First of all, we cannot stay on the sidelines, away from the world, and we cannot move away from people. It is written, “I dwell among my people.” Throughout all times Kabbalists kept abreast of everything going on, although they stayed in the background themselves.

Feeling the public mood and the processes happening in society, they modernized the science of Kabbalah accordingly. After all, Kabbalah’s intended purpose is to reveal the upper force in this world. When it manifests among us, inside of us, then we will attain perfection.

That is why we are coming out to demonstrations together with people. And it’s best for people not to feel or recognize us there. After all, a demonstration is not a place to give explanations. We must only distribute our materials, which have to be thought-out and checked in advance. Let our leaflets find their way across different countries and be in different languages. In them people will read about the true problems and their solution, and will also find a link to our site, which provides expansive and detailed explanations.

It is very important to use citations of scientists who support our view. Their opinion should be highlighted on the pages of our sites.

So, at demonstrations we should not socialize with anyone or identify ourselves with anyone, but simply give out flyers. We thereby envelop the masses with our information instead of wasting time on personal conversations. In these circumstances this is all that’s required of us is. Everything else belongs to the round tables, to discussions and clarifications, which are forms that are not appropriate in this case. Give a person our flyer, let him put it in his pocket or purse, and a day or two later he will find us.

Thus, we do not represent anyone, but simply work as “mailmen,” providing a hand-to-hand delivery. Wise words are heard in silence. They are revealed through discussion, through a search for answers.

Therefore, first of all, don’t take our methods in Israel as an example. Everything is different in your location so act independently. Insert scientists’ opinions into the materials and give every demonstration participant your flyer with clear messages and the necessary contact information. Also, try to express yourself on the protestors’ Internet venues. For that you do not have to be in touch with the organizers by any means.

Question: What should our message be?

Answer: The message is simple: All of the world’s problems are caused by the fact that the world has become integral and global, but we don’t correspond to it yet. On the contrary, we lag behind because we are not united and are not uniting. And to support this, we cite words of scientists as proof.

Furthermore, in order to unite, we don’t have to wreak havoc or overthrow anyone by any means. First of all, we have to understand that unification really is necessary, and then go on to discussion. We have to organize venues where we will communicate with one another and where we will lay the foundations of our unity. These venues will most often be virtual and therefore we invite everyone to our site.

The scheme is this: the cause of the problem—the solution—the opinion of famous scientists—and the venue to which we invite people in order to start a discussion and arrive at a solution, instead of coming out to the streets over and over again. How long will we hold up this way and what will this give us?

Besides, our flyer must make it clear that we are not in favor of disorder. After all, there are many forces involved in a protest that are interested in having it go on.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/10/11, “Peace in the World”

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  1. The question remains who do we trust at this point? Everybody has an agenda. Absolutely everybody. Who are the keepers of Truth right now? It is not obvious to all. If it was we would have had peace already. It is common knowledge that the second in line is often the post dangerous opponent even though the person is sitting right next to you in the same group. Yes, it is all about the correct intention. But still, who has the correct intention? Only those who have no will to receive for self. In the world as it is running right now, if one does not accept the ruling authoritie’s label, you are shunned. No matter where on earth you breathe…..Everybody is claiming to be the representative of the Light. Back at the ranch one is told to keep quiet, fit in and be invisible….

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