Questions About The Need To Act And The Forthcoming Convention

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: At one of your recent lectures you said that we have to act. What do you mean?

Answer: As the world becomes more interconnected and integral, for our well-being in it, our interconnection must assume the same form. Experience shows that we are already lagging behind the interconnected world, and that is why our actions become more and more erroneous. We need to learn the new structure of the world and correspond to it. This is a guarantee of success in life.

Question: Is it possible to prepare teenagers for the convention? They have a good desire to join the Mutual Guarantee (Arvut) movement in the future. Today, it is difficult with these children. I want my second son to be able to participate in the preparation for the convention, not with adults, but with children like him.

Answer: You have to call and solve this matter with the organizers; I am sure that your son will find his place and activity during the preparation for and at the convention.

Question: It is difficult to gather in one place in such large countries like Mexico. How important is it to get together physically in one place at least once a year?

Answer: It is desirable, as much as it is reasonably possible, to gather in groups, and as large as possible.

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