You Have All The Keys

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I’ve been trying to place materials from your blog into the Facebook network, but I see that they don’t get through to people….

Answer: Look at how Baal HaSulam wrote the newspaper, “The Nation.” Is it something you can place in social networks? But a newspaper has to be close to people. In reality, he writes deeply and clearly. If you read it closely, you will simply be struck by his analysis and will truly enjoy it. However, he intends it for a specific level, for people who think and understand.

That is how I am built as well: I cannot lower my explanations completely. Others will do that. I am simply incapable of less. My blog is based on lesson and lecture materials, so don’t wait for anything extraordinary to appear here. This is your work. I have done my job by conveying to you the science of Kabbalah and all the principles of activity in the conditions of the modern world. You have all the keys. With time, as changes take place, I will add more, but in principle, you have already received everything.

And now you are coming to me with demands? I write my blog for those who are able to understand it, and for those who may possibly use it in a few years. You won’t receive anything more from me, not in the spiritual sense nor the corporeal. You have already received everything and the rest depends on how you use what you have received.

I convey to people what I can and how I can. This is what I received from my teacher Rabash and what I revealed with him and after his passing from the primary sources, which were mainly written by him and Baal HaSulam. Whoever wants to hear it hears it, and whoever doesn’t want to, doesn’t hear it. Anyone can come and listen, and anyone can leave without saying a word and never come back again.

This is how I act and this is my attitude. A person will perceive as much as he will. Let him come or leave. Let him carry out some of what he has heard, or let him not carry it out. I cannot control this and this is not my work. I let people have total freedom. And if anyone wants to work, whether for salary or for free, our dissemination system presents them with specific demands according to the work plan.

I am not planning to build anything besides this. If someone doesn’t understand what he has to do, it is his problem. I don’t have anything besides what I give at the morning lesson. Everything else is not my work.

You are sitting here and looking at me expectantly, and you can just keep looking. But I would not look in your place. A person has to come, receive the teaching, accept it as a mission or instruction, and carry it out. And this happens over and over again. Without the realization phase, one simply doesn’t advance but “bottles himself up.”

This is described by the verse, “More wisdom than deeds.” This kind of person has no future and his study only worsens the situation. It’s better for him to leave, and I am saying this with all seriousness. I prefer for that person not to be here. If a person does not realize himself as much as possible in dissemination and the world’s correction, then his leaving will benefit both him and me.

Therefore, I am not sorry when people leave and I don’t run after anyone. This is not done in spirituality. Everything depends on the environment that you build or fail to build. Everything depends on whether you are helping the world or not. My only task is to tell you about what you should be doing. But I am not meant to enact the realization.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/27/11, “The Nation”

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