What We Do Today Will Echo In The World Tomorrow

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe problems the world is facing today lead to the creation of a new environment that takes into consideration and worries about everyone equally. First, we have to provide a normal standard of living for everyone. The world has all the necessary resources for that.

The world is built in such a way that everyone can have everything he needs in his corporeal life. The rest of the fulfillment will come from the connection between us, from the feeling of the upper Light, the human degree that is above the animate one.

Today we must realize this in the masses. In the coming year we will see how an instinctive urge for that will bring people out to the streets and public squares to demand different things, and the government will have no answers. We will suddenly discover that the richest countries have nothing.

The upper governance arranges everything in a way that we would find a solution only in the connection between us. Revolutions or a redistribution of wealth from rich to poor will not help us. We have been through this, and we have seen that it only leads to the destruction of industry and commerce. The connection is the solution.

We have to explain these principles and to convey this message, this understanding, to the people until they get used to the right approach, to the right outlook. After all, we are facing a new system, which we’ve entered, like a matrix. The old world doesn’t exist anymore.

Many scientists are already writing about this. Humanity believes in science, so we should attract scientists and put them in the front. They are already discovering the integral system we are talking about. With their help we will be able to convince everyone to become an integral society. We can show people that this is the only solution to our problems.

Suppose people ask us: “How is it possible? How can we change ourselves?” Baal HaSulam wrote about it in the article “The Freedom.” For the first time in history we have the opportunity to act independently. This concerns our groups and humanity as a whole: We have to create an environment that will better us.

How is it possible to create such an environment? We have to search for the system hidden between us. We create it ourselves as a result of our attempts to guess or to imagine what it should be like. Desiring to penetrate into its structure, I actually ask myself: “Who is the Creator? How does He manage the relationships among us? How does He operate among us? How does He connect us? How does the Thought of Creation that includes all of us operate?”

By creating the form that seems right to me, I discover inside me a desire to discover the Creator. I’m just like a small child who builds model cars and ships and grows smarter namely though his efforts to build something that already exists by himself. As a result, he begins to understand, he creates things. In the same way we, too, become compatible to the Creator, unite with Him, and understand Him.

When we rise from our corporeal world, we gradually create the world of Infinity. On our way to it, we go through five worlds. Each time there are different concealments so that we build that structure in a more sophisticated way, until we create the whole system. It says that the Creator created the world of Infinity and destroyed it, and people are the ones who correct and reconstruct it on the way from the bottom up.

We have to remember this. There is great work ahead of us, a great system, and we should try to pay attention to everything in the world and in life. This is all revealed to me so that I will respond to it correctly.

Most important is not wait for the positive changes in the world because changes will be only for the worse. We have to add to whatever is happening with maximum effort from our part. We will receive a positive reaction to it every day and will hear about it in the news and not only that.

What we will do today will echo in the world tomorrow. This is exactly how everything happens. You will feel your influence over the world; you will feel that the key is in your hands. What’s important here is not to move under the pressure of suffering from behind, but to pull the world forward. Thanks to this pull, we will reach the right speed indeed.
From the 7th lesson at the Toronto Convention 9/18/11

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  1. Brilliant Post!
    The world of Connection IS the world of Infinity, like an MRI scanner, the image only lights up through the connection of the parts, of the blood (Like bestowal, blood is life) between them. Is this why the Kindgom is also called the Gate? As above, So below.
    Also secondly is there a name for when one can begin to “perceive” or “feel” this flow? That is in a general sense? Like an Intuition, i am finding it very difficult to find words to use what i am describing, but it is sensed in the connection. It is almost like hide and seek.
    I have learned a great deal from you and am very thankful for that.

  2. Awesome article 🙂

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