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Dr. Michael LaitmanToday, the Creator puts the condition before us: “If you do not connect as one man with one heart, you’ll get nothing! It’s for you to feel that such a life is not a life…. And moreover, I will appoint a king as cruel as Haman over you.”

That is, for every action in which He made us unequal to each other, forcing us to hate, envy, and blame each other, we have to make corrections and achieve complete equality. And after that we will not be concerned about how much each of us gets, so much so that even if a person receives nothing while the others receive infinity, he will rejoice as if he received the infinite fulfillment himself.

It will be enough for a person to see that everyone receives fulfillment and fully enjoys, while he himself has nothing and needs nothing! Then, he will become similar to the Creator because he receives nothing and only gives.

Today, we are beginning to see such tendencies and steps in this direction in our world. It is the first time that the Creator says: “You have come to the threshold, and you will get nothing more. You will have great difficulties, exist in crisis and other problems, until you reach the solution that equality does not mean ‘just take and share.'”

You can start counting family members so that each has an equal amount, but in reality we must come to a different correction. After all, this is simply social egalitarianism that does not correspond to absolute justice.

The Creator wants us to reach the state when due to our love for the others, we will only care about satisfying their needs at our own expense. But first, we should think about our own correction because without it, we will not receive fulfillment.

Today’s economic recommendations and new theories will not be able to fulfill us without correction. On the contrary, they will lead us to a greater awareness of evil and our inability to do anything. Therefore, we can only distribute, as widely as possible, the knowledge about our current state, the way the wisdom of Kabbalah explains it.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/7/2011, “The Nation”

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  1. When I was younger it use to hurt me that others would try to compare their own children to compete with me. What hurt was that someone would use the interaction of knowing me for some self serving purpose instead of thinking about the whole of unifying us to get along instead. It seemed like a very detached approach to dealing with others and superficial. I was told for years that my view of things this way was because I was “too sensitive” or “cared too much about that kind of stuff” It’s one thing to look at this interaction objectively, but it’s another to not even care about it at all. Detachment isn’t necessarily objectivity in the case of those who said I was too sensitive. I only mention this because this article reminded me of this. Giving things equally to all of us wouldn’t have solved the problem of hurting someone else, by using what could have been unifying moments for detachment or competition. Because underneath, the people have to have the spirit of giving and the hearts that are doing it. Means nothing to distribute things equally. Sounds nice but has nothing to do with genuine inner intentions or desires for another to be loved. Also, who hasn’t been hurt by others trying to compete with them or not thinking of them. Not because I expected others to give to me in a selfish way. But who hasn’t noticed that detachment in people and how others are selfish and how it hurts others? We just don’t know that when we see this stuff that that is what it’s called. Anyway, thanks for the article. Made me think of these kinds of connections or lack of connections with others.

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