How To Bleach The Different Colors Of Desire

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll of reality is the development of our desire to receive pleasure. It first needs to develop on its own—until it reaches a spiritual degree. And from this point on, we begin to develop in two ways, according to two parallel paths: a left and a right one, always rising above our desire to receive pleasure and working for the importance of the desire to bestow. We do this until we understand that there is no such thing as the desire to receive: Everything that exists is pure bestowal.

It is in this way that we come to a point where there is nothing white, but there is continuous white Light around it, and we begin to do different actions to maintain this white quality. The entire work happens at night in order to separate the nature of the receiver from the nature of the giver and to understand that our desire to receive pleasure is merely the reverse imprint of Light. It is specifically given to us so we will overcome it, rise above this darkness, and build our own reality.

These obstacles to overcome are like school exercises or sports practices which our entire advancement depends upon. And the instructor is good when he has a big reserve of good and appropriate exercises organized in the right sequence, according to the needs of every student. He also knows how to bring a person to correction, meaning to the goal, in the quickest and most efficient way.

Our entire life is a series of exercises that the Creator puts before us, waiting for us to properly react to them every time. And He is a competent judge who never makes mistakes, who knows all our ways and everyone’s foundation. This is why we need to understand that everything we feel, in every moment of our existence, is only intended for the quickest and most efficient attainment of the good and proper goal of our development, till we reach the final perfect state.

This is why we need to justify all of the Creator’s actions over us and all the situations He places before us so that we can practice overcoming and evaluating, thereby establishing a proper attitude. This is our life in every aspect of it.

But when we fail to do an exercise and react the right way, the next stage follows. And if our actions are successful at this stage, we also correct the debt we have left over from last time. All the states at any moment are connected in a chain as causes and consequences: the sensation in the heart and the mind, the perception of reality, the sensation of the past, the present, and the future, and of the entire environment. All these things I paint with my own qualities, like using paints on a canvas of white Light, which I take from the black point, submerged in a white ocean of bestowal.

Everything that exists besides this white Light that I do not yet distinguish, all these things are shades of my qualities. And if I raise them to the level of justifying the One who brings me the current sensations, I will see myself as a black point in the ocean of white Light. And everything else I see besides this is an addition to bring me to the next, higher degree.

And His addition always comes as a sensation of darkness in all the different forms my current reality paints for me. But all these colors are made with my “613” corrupt desires. This is why I see that in all of reality, both corporeal life and inner sensation (the heart and the mind), the Creator always invites me to attain similarity to Him. After all, I have nothing more than one single black point as the foundation that He used to create me “from absence” thanks to the ocean of upper Light.

Spiritual work begins here.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/8/2011, Shamati #127

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