G7: No Clear Economic Plan

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News: “Commentators warned that although there had been agreement on the need for a joint response to the renewed global economic slowdown, there was little commitment to concrete action.

“Analysts said officials from the G7 nations (the US, Canada, Japan, the UK, France, Italy and Germany) are still divided over growth strategies.” (Source: Euronews.net)

“While Europe wants to keep its commitment to austerity, the United States is closer to the International Monetary Fund’s position that fiscal stimulus is needed.

“President Barack Obama is due to announce a big job-creating package on Thursday.

“A Canadian official said on Tuesday that loosening austerity measures could ease short-term recession risks but pruning sovereign debt was the top goal.

“Britain, meanwhile, is sticking fast to its tough austerity program.” (Source: huffingtonpost.com)

My Comment: “Happiness is so close,” but “you don’t understand me,” meaning, there is a solution to all problems, but it is anti-egoistic, and therefore, no one hears “a voice in the wilderness.” When demonstrations will be organized by scientists, economists, political analysts, and all those who understand the integral nature of the world crisis, which has to be counteracted by forming a “new human” ready for mutual guarantee, when they will demand of the government to create specifically such program of fighting the crisis, then we will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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