Concealment Makes Us Human

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe entire work occurs above concealment. If everything is revealed, what else is to be done? Concealment allows me to be independent and to establish my work and position myself.

For the time being, a child is not as knowledgeable as we are and does not understand what we do. But it is this lack of knowledge in particular that enables him to eventually rise higher and become smarter than us. It helps him to receive from us our knowledge and besides, to add something from himself.

If a child knew everything we do at once, he would not grow up. Hence, an animal born with all natural instincts fully masters its natural program in a few days and does not develop any further.

We evolve due to concealment, due to us not having anything. Gradually, by way of numerous clarifications, I build my personality: new, different from all others, and beyond predecessors. And if nothing was concealed, there would be nothing to add. Concealment allows us to rise to the full height and comprehend.

If I received everything ready made, I would not know what’s happening. But by building each detail and connecting all of them together by myself, I assemble Malchut of the world of Infinity, based on my individuality, on my point of the soul—I get to know creation from end to end.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/1/2011, Shamati #101

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  1. I received a lot of hateful comments from someone today, and they were baseless. I asked them to provide evidence for what they had to say and they couldn’t produce anything to back up their claims. Yet, with a lot of effort, I reminded myself that if I see someone as separate from me, then it is because I am being egoistic. So, I saw them as part of myself. And, I told myself that if I see them as bad, even if they are being hateful, that is really just me seeing the hate in myself. So, I chose not to see them as bad. I also remembered to not despair when these thoughts of seeing someone as bad or separate from me, because they are who we are and how we were brought up. So, I chose, with great effort to transform those views of this person. The lower world and the corporeal world tell us to automatically justify yelling back at the person or seeing them as bad, etc. And, I think it’s getting past these reactions and perceptions that move us past how we are programmed. It’s really hard, but it has to be done, otherwise the cycle of hatred between people even in little things just goes on and on. Someone has to stop it internally.

  2. I feel good about my interactions even though someone was hateful. I didn’t walk away feeling bad or seeing them as bad. And, you’re right, if we didn’t have to try to see things differently we wouldn’t be human. It’s normal to want to fight back or see others as negative. But we can rise above it and get on with it. Otherwise, the perception of good stops and ends and becomes death. Perceiving the world correctly gives it life and keeps it going on.

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