Before The Upper One Turns His Back On Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanSuccess in our days depends on how we execute the program of nature. Nature wants us to connect, and today it clearly shows it to us from its part, the part of the upper force. This force comes closer to us so we would reveal it, but we perceive it as evil.

The upper one reveals his lower part to you, the AHP, to give you the opportunity to attach yourself to Him. He is revealed as the form of bestowal, but you perceive it as darkness, confusion, and weakness. And now, regardless of it all, you need to attach yourself to Him.

We represent two adjacent degrees: the upper one and the lower one. And now the upper degree, AHP de Bina, Elokim, the Creator, is revealed to us in the smallest degree. And we need to make an effort to perceive it with understanding. Such is nature, and nothing can be done about it: It reveals itself to us, showing that we must be connected.

The AHP of the upper one demands it from us, revealing the desired form to us that we must accept, and then we will feel good. Otherwise, He will shine for us, but His shining will be darkness for us, not Light (Ohr), but night (Orta). And we will keep receiving this influence from Him until we feel completely bad, and we will still need to change under the pressure of this evil and agree with His power.

This is why whatever we refer to as the crisis, is not a crisis in reality, but the revelation of the next higher degree, which we must ascend to. The quicker we understand this, the more we will ease this entire process for us, which we will have to go through one way or the other, at our own will or by force.

This is why we come out to people and try to explain this to everyone. And the more people find out about this, even if they do not listen or understand much, still, if this information somehow penetrates the public, it will start influencing them. Public opinion has a special power because it is based on a large number of people, and this is why people will suddenly begin to feel and understand this.

They will begin to act in the direction of unity, not even knowing why this desire suddenly appeared in them. If the opinion spreads through the masses, it will be enough to hear a fraction of a word for it to become obvious to everyone that they should connect, and that it is a good thing.

This state refers to the revelation of the Creator to the created beings, once He is ready to be in a contact with us on the very first degree. And this is why this degree reveals its lower part, AHP, to us. But we call it a crisis—lack of correspondence, balance, connection, harmony, and homeostasis—between the lower one and the upper one.

We must equalize our qualities with His because the law that obligates to correspond to the upper governance operates everywhere. When we do not correspond to it, we suffer, and if we begin to correspond to it, we will be happy. But the upper one does not change; He simply tries to make His qualities clearer to us—His AHP, which we must attach ourselves to.

And when we do not do it in our current state, His AHP operates according to a preset program and gradually becomes revealed more and more. It is as if He is turning His back to us until the darkness coming from Him becomes completely unbearable to us. And then we will need to do something with ourselves under the influence of blows and great suffering.

The upper one always reveals Himself in a higher form, in the form of an idea, and thus gives us an opportunity to develop. He does not reveal Himself in a form of the lack of provision or safety; He mainly reveals Himself as a lack of understanding, confusion, and the inability to control. He primarily strives to develop the human degree in you; He wants you to understand, agree, and begin to change yourself and your environments—to reconstruct your degree, the entire world, in accordance to Him.

But if you do not comply, He turns a little more since this operates like a mechanism in Him, called “at its own time” (Beito), like a clock. He keeps showing His AHP more and more, and so at the end, you will have to react. This is why we should not wait!

We can say that here we are already dealing with practical Kabbalah.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/2/2011, Baal HaSulam’s Letter

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  1. It seems that whenever reality appears confusing between me and another person it is The Creator saying “Wake Up! There’s something here you need to figure out or a perspective you haven’t considered by changing your attitude towards this other person. And, when you figure what the right one is, you’ll know it when you see it!”

  2. Dear Rav,
    I am a student of Bnei Baruch and I think I understand all of the concepts covered in this blog.

    However all of my attempts to explain these concepts to people close to me, but outside Kabbalah meet variouse levels of resistance, ranging from: ” This is a Utopia” to a very aggressive outbursts of anger and words I don’t want to repeat here.

    What would you advice I have to do, except improving my own Kabbalah understanding and intention to achieve Dvekut?

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