The Ten Trends That Change The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Dr. Johan Galtung, a Norwegian sociologist and mathematician, Professor of Peace Studies, the founder of TRANSCEND, a Development and Peace Network):

Five global trends are unfolding in the global space between states and regions: the fall of the USA, the decline of the West, the weakening of states and strengthening of the regions, the rise of the underdeveloped, and the growth of China.

Five social trends are unfolding in the social space between groups of people: the strengthening of nations, the strengthening of civil society, the growth of youth activity, the increasing role of women, the worsening of inequality, and riots. (From Prof. Galtung’s report at St. Gallen’s Symposium, May 2011).

My Comment: These and other trends are the result of development of our egoistic desire, which is becoming more interconnected, up to the point of turning into one whole. And this inner connection between our desires is indeed a global, integral, and interconnected mutual guarantee, the modern world.

If we combine all these trends and present their form of mutual bestowal, we will obtain the formula of our good development. Otherwise, these trends will tear humanity into parts of a new world war.

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