Perfection Is The Unification Of Mind And Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanWork with the Light and the screen (Zivug de Hakaa) is a kind of action where a person carefully calculates all of his or her impressions, feelings, love and hate, and decides how to use it all, reducing and, at the same time, developing his or her feelings. It is said: “The greater a person is, the greater his egoism is,” meaning the stronger his feelings are.

He is great by his level at which he can balance the left and the right lines, mind and senses, and put them together in the middle line, unifying them in bestowal.

Therefore, there are two states in the spiritual work: love and fear, which are joined together in it. Love means that a person discovers an opportunity to cleave to the upper one and as a result, to understand and feel the Creator’s ways, all of them. The key is to understand!

And before that, a person works, rising above his feelings and working with the mind, all the while attaining the mind of the upper one. This way he keeps moving along two lines, as if walking on two legs.

In our world, mind and feelings are always in conflict and compel us to make mistakes. However, in the spiritual world, they assist us and join together for one goal, and thus one becomes perfect.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/8/2011, Shamati #45

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