The Depression Cure

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Stephen S. Ilardi, Professor, the University of Kansas, “Most Americans work long hours, eat on the fly, and lead increasingly sedentary, isolated lives. Alongside this lifestyle, depression rates have skyrocketed: approximately 1 in 4 Americans will suffer from major depression at some point in their lives….

“Our bodies were never designed for the sleep-deprived, poorly nourished, frenzied pace of twenty-first century life.” That is, depression is the brain’s reaction to stress.

My Comment: Depression is a reaction to inner emptiness. A person can live through anything if only he can justify the misfortunes in his life. Then, difficulties enhance the effect of victories and achievements. The main cause of depression is a lack of motivation and purpose.

If the environment demonstrates special values ​​that are equally important to all members of society, a person feels that he is part of the society and acknowledges its goals as his. In this case, there is no void; public opinion gives him assurance that there is something to live for. If, however, the cause of depression is not removed, drug treatment is the only option.

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  1. I agree with your comments. When people go through depression, they don’t understand why things are happening to them and through lack of motivation to do things for the world or to analyze their unhappiness and events in their lives, it contributes to feeling sadder. There is no meaning attached to their “misfortunes”. It’s why, when someone is down, they say to go volunteer or do something for someone else and you will feel better. Many do to get their minds off of thinking about themselves and it makes things okay, but they don’t understand why they are doing it or why they feel better, they just do. Also, instead of looking at things negatively and seeing that there is a reason why things happen in the big picture of things. Hard to do for depressed people, but it helps distance from thinking about themselves seeing things as not bad events. Objectivity, without it sounding too much like psychology. Just my humble opinion. When bad things happen to me, I want to see the meaning and purpose in them.

  2. For some time I have believed that my twin flame or soulmate entered my ife sso we may soon serve the purpose of our Lord. Yet, he is in a common law 30 year relationship which is crippling. Strange, because my life had the same type of relationship for over 25 years until my husband died. remaining obediant, I wait as he to knowingly prepare to do the final service in this life. Strange instances and situations all of our lives has inter woven us in life not often, but enough for others to see something is different with us. Do we have various roles as our souls travel toward it final destination?

  3. yes, if we try to think and observe beyond that we can grow.

  4. Can kabala heal diseases and debts?

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