The Crisis Is Here For Our Own Good!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: At a time when governments are unable to govern, economists are unable to regulate, and nations are in disarray, both on their own and because of the manipulation coming from virtual networks, the world is facing a threatening lack of instability. What can bring this ship that’s out in a stormy sea back into balance?

Answer: Right now the global, integral, universal interdependence between everyone is being revealed in our world more and more clearly, and it’s happening in all areas and dimensions of human activity. This global interconnection is paralyzing all of our efforts to regulate anything by the outdated, forceful political, economic, and social methods.

The only way we know to control things is egoistically, within a discrete system, by considering the source of pressure, the object of pressure, and the goal. But the world has acquired an integral, analog form of universal, mutual dependence. This is the expression of the next level of development in humanity—the state of total interaction between parts of one organism. This is the evolutionary plan of our development by nature, the plan of evolution.

The appearance of the altruistic image of our next degree of development within our egoistic, individualistic society is bringing to light our opposition to that image. This is the essence of the crisis, our lack of correspondence to the next level.

We will have to assimilate our next state either by the path of suffering or through realization and purposeful efforts. Either way, we will have to study it and change ourselves to suit its demands for the same reason that creatures that were unable to adapt to new conditions and demands from nature went extinct. But nature has planned our ascent to this level—the attainment of harmony with nature. To accomplish that, we have to become integrally interconnected as one whole, as all of nature. In our language this demand means, “everyone loves everyone,” and “everyone is included in everyone.”

The way to carry out this demand from nature is by applying the method of our egoistic correction called “Kabbalah,” which comes from the word “to receive or acquire,” to acquire new, altruistic qualities.

Many thousands of years ago, in every generation there were separate individuals who acquired these qualities and felt the new level of humanity’s development. This is described in authentic Kabbalistic sources. We cannot understand them because they describe a different structure of interconnections among people, their relationships of love and bestowal, called the soul, their sensation of unity and commonality, which is called the upper world, the following dimension.

However, we can use their instructions to change ourselves, to make ourselves suitable to the new conditions, and thus to start feeling the next level of the world—its harmony, eternity, and perfection. Then we will be convinced that nature’s goal is perfect just like nature.

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