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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What depends on me personally in this whole system?

Answer: Everything! You have our world group, which you can use as your closest environment. Place yourself against this environment in such a way that you will be revived from even the weakest states—good and bad ones alike.

A person can always remain sensitive to any state. It is like regulating the diapason of sensitivity in a device. If I turn it to the maximum of 10 units, my whole scale breaks into very coarse divisions and fails to react to a less powerful influence. However, if I put in a sensitivity that is 100 times greater, I will notice an effect where before a cruder device did not react, showed zero, and I seemed to feel nothing, I was in fog, didn’t want to do anything, and didn’t feel energy or inspiration: The Creator vanished from my perception. Now attune yourself to a 100 times greater sensitivity, and you will see how He works in you—only in a more refined range that demands more advanced perception from you!

We should search this way constantly. It can never be that you have no connection with the Creator at all and that you don’t constantly receive summons, or slight pokes, from Him. However, if you lack sensitivity, it is like you don’t react to them. Therefore, He is forced to return to your coarser attunement, and there you receive harder blows.

You should exist in constant aspiration upward, like you’re about to lift off the ground. Like a child that develops properly according to his age, no one asks more from you than what is appropriate for your age. However, if you are stuck in the age of four and refuse to grow to be five, then you need to be given double the pressure.

This is exactly how we are treated. Thus, one should understand that if he doesn’t feel an appeal to him from above at every given moment, this means that he is not sensitive enough and needs a more refined attunement, according to which he is being addressed now. And we can raise sensitivity only with the help of an environment, in which we rouse each other based on the conditions of a mutual guarantee in order to constantly be in search of the Creator! We should simply chase Him around and look for Him constantly like a man persistently courts a woman that he loves.
From the 1st Part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/23/11, Shamati #9

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  1. Rav, you have written a lot of beautiful articles lately. This one is great. I think it’s really important to be sensitive to the Creator. It’s how to make calculations and scrutinize. It’s where the money in the spiritual bank account comes in!

  2. Thank you RAV,
    Beautiful! To be constantly in search of the Creator; to chases Him round and round like in pursuit of a beautiful woman. This reminds me of the “Song of Songs” … the Woman in pursuit of G_d in response to G_d’s own pursuit of his Beloved!
    Can’t help thinking of the “tear drop”! . . . there is always the pain of loss involved in this constant circular pursuit of LOVE, of the Creator! the only rest comes at the end when the last “tear drop” falls from seeming tearless eyes, for the heart must be broken and from there comes the “gift of the TEAR DROP” as it falls into the whole body of water and disappears creating ripples-into-stillness. “Be still and know, for G-d fills his holy temple . . .

    When will we ever learn? holding the acorn nut in the pam of the hand, trusting that all will be well, for it is beyond my power to give life, for life is from G-d who is Love, Light, Life!


  3. Shalom! a moment of sensitivity: realizing the need for CORRECTION in the above comment. There is a missing ” l ” in the word PALM. lamed, the camel . . . so very necessary in the desert-aridity towards the “Oasis” bearer of Life, or water of Life!

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