Everything Depends On “Luck” (Light)

marriage5 The Zohar, Chapter “Miketz (At the End),” Item 113: “And Joseph was the governor over the land.” Joseph is the sun, Zeir Anpin (ZA), since Joseph is Yesod de ZA, which governs the moon (Nukva), shines to her, and feeds her. He is the provider of all the people of the land, for all are fed by that river that stretches out of Eden, which is Yesod, called, “Joseph,” and from there the souls fly off to every person. This is why everyone bows before that place, for there is nothing in the world that does not depend on luck, which is Yesod.

Everything depends on the Light of Fulfillment and the Light of Correction that comes from Yesod to Malchut and to the souls that are included in Malchut. Malchut can receive these Lights when it, together with all the souls in it, reaches equivalence of form with Yesod.

Yesod contains all the qualities that are above it, all the Sefirot of Zeir Anpin. If the souls in Malchut are able to reach unity and become one, as Yesod, then they receive the Light called “Mazal” (luck), which corrects them.

This is why the condition for receiving the Torah is “to love your neighbor as yourself” and to unite “as one man with one heart.” If we are ready for this unification (despite not being able to make it happen, since only the Light does all the actions), then the Light actualizes this in response to our desire.

If we desire to unite, then even though this aspiration is still “Lo Lishma,” meaning it is purely external and artificial, nevertheless the Light understands it and affects us. Because of the difference between our levels, the Light understands similar to how we understand our little children: We know what each of them is capable of on his level according to his character and qualities.

If, according to our souls’ conditions, they are ready to be connected with each other and to become equivalent to Yesod, then there is a point of contact between Malchut and Yesod and the souls inside Malchut receive the Light that Reforms. Therefore it is written that everything depends on luck (“Mazal”) – on the Light coming from Yesod to Malchut.

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