Advancing From The Branches To The Spiritual Roots

Our Imaginary Reality is Created by Two Mechanisms All “holy” books describe the spiritual work that takes place in different parts of Malchut on various levels and in various combinations with each other. A person has to reveal all these phenomena inside himself. Then he will know what they are called even without reading about it in a book. He will know what is Esau, David, the names of different angels, and so on. He will learn all these processes inside his soul. These are the processes that are described in the “holy” books; they all talk about bestowal and love. These qualities are called “holiness.”

When a person attains this, it becomes his life, his entire inner world where he lives. Then he understands the reason for why Kabbalists revealed this spiritual system to us through the “holy” books. It was to help us be integrated into this system through the text. Even if we don’t know or understand the words, and we can’ discern the spiritual roots behind them (since all the words in these books point to their spiritual roots), it doesn’t matter. What’s important is our “childish” effort to understand them. This is sufficient for the Light to influence us and cause us to grow. The Light enters our soul and corrects the qualities to which the words point.

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