Awaken The Illumination Of The Shechina

well When reading The Zohar, we have to aspire to feel as one man with one heart in order to be similar to the Upper Light, because we desire to evoke its influence upon us. The great Kabbalist Moshe Cordovero (the Ramak, 15th century CE) writes the following in his book Ohr Yakar:

“When we study The Book of Zohar, we awaken the force of the souls of the righteous men and renew the Light that was revealed at the time of this book’s composition. Thus, the Shechina – the assembly of all the souls – shines and illuminates us with this Light. And all those studying this book return and awaken the Light which Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and his friends had revealed at that time…”

Therefore, we too expect for the Light that was revealed by the authors of The Zohar to influence us through all the systems they had gathered after the breaking. They prepared these systems for us in order to influence us through the corrected system from the World of Infinity itself.

These great Kabbalists were acting toward us similar to how we act in this world toward our children, wishing to leave them a good inheritance. This is why they prepared the corrected system for us, as well as the Kabbalistic books and all sorts of “study materials.” They also left us advice on how to build a Kabbalistic group and what its statute should be.

All that remains for us to do is to try to cling to them like little children to the best of our ability. Then the system they prepared for us will begin to affect us.

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  1. Dear Dr. Laitman,
    I have been reading your books for a few months and I feel very deeply that the science of Kabbalah is the most profound and important subject I have ever read. I want to dedicate the rest of my life to the study of this science with the hope that even if I don’t attain enlightenment, I will leave this world with a more corrected soul.

    I have some questions,

    While reading your books, I find the Hebrew words, that are not translated to the language in which the book is written, very hard to remember and understand and that they do not make sense hence impeding my interpretation considerably. Would translating those words from a dictionary change anything?

    I live in an area of the US where I cannot find a neither the teacher nor the group to study this wisdom. How much can I do by myself?


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