Who Is Concealing The Book Of Zohar?

Connecting Through the Worlds During the period when The Book of Zohar was concealed from people – since its composition in the 2nd century and until its discovery in the 11th – no one called it “concealed” because no one knew anything about it. Today, however, every person in the world can easily buy The Book of Zohar and read it, so why is it called secret or concealed?

The Book of Zohar contains everything. It has the ability to reveal this world and the Upper Worlds to us in their entirety because it was written from the peak of all 125 levels, from the attainment of the entire universe, and it narrates about our entire path. The only problem is that this book remains closed because the person reading it is closing it to himself with his inability to concentrate, to attune himself correctly for seeing what is taking place inside the book. On his own, naturally, the reader is unable to position himself before the text the way he can do it by reading any other kind of text. He gets confused about the text of The Zohar, thinking that it describes images of our world, history, geography, physiology or anatomy. He erroneously connects the concepts, objects and actions using his earthly understanding.

Think of an electrical device with many wires and details, and you are connecting all of them incorrectly. Will you ever be able to make the device work? Obviously not! So is the case with The Zohar: Everything is lying open before us, but the problem is that we cannot reveal it because we are unable to properly involve ourselves with this system or to connect ourselves to it correctly. We simply don’t have the right approach to The Book of Zohar.

Before and during the reading, a person must constantly be learning to attune himself to a new focus, understanding and vision. In addition, he has to advance gradually, without rushing. The tuning process is necessary because if one simply opens up The Book of Zohar and starts reading it, he will only get confused, and later on it will be very difficult to correct the mess and return back to the beginning.

Therefore, the biggest difficulty lies in learning how to enter The Book of Zohar correctly. And that is why The Book of Zohar is accompanied by materials that talk about how to attune our instrument or perception – the soul.

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