Our World Is Like A Picture On A Computer Screen

working on zohar In order to see the true reality, we have to imagine nothing but our own desire. Since birth we have been conditioned to see a movie that shows the whole as being outside of us. However, it exists only inside our desire. We have to fight an inner war with ourselves in order to become convinced that everything happens inside the desire. However, this fact does not revoke reality, since desire is reality.

We normally think that a desire is simply when we want something. However, desire is everything. The wall that blocks our path is also a desire – when we come up against it, we come up against a desire. Everything around us is desires or forces, which are depicted a certain way on our screen. When we look at a photograph on a computer screen, we don’t think that there are real objects inside the computer. We know that the picture is created by electrical forces. However, when we look at our world, we don’t realize this because we don’t see the screen onto which this world is projected.

Yet, in reality, everything taking place is even simpler. What we see on a computer screen seems to be happening outside of us, on the screen, and from there the image enters our eye, is processed, compared with what is stored in our memory and is then recognized with the help of electro-chemical processes in our brain. However, when we see the world, we see it inside ourselves, in our brain. That is where we see a projection of this world, which appears as being outside of us. In reality it’s also projected on a screen where electrical forces are depicting a picture. Meanwhile, however, we think that this picture is located outside of us.

If we come closer to this authentic perception with the help of The Zohar, then we will see a world of forces and qualities before us. These forces and qualities are operated by one general force, the Creator. Upon reaching this vision and realization, we will reveal the Creator, which is our greatest desire. This revelation takes place inside our desire, depending on its equivalence of form with the Creator. All of The Zohar is aimed only at revealing the right perception of reality.

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