The Actions Needed To Prepare Ourselves For New Sensations

Study Kabbalah, and Spritual Worries Will Outweigh Your Current Ones A Kabbalah lesson differs from any other type of lesson since it teaches us how to perceive a reality we were not naturally born to feel. We need to prepare ourselves for these new sensations through the following actions:

1. Before the lesson, we have to forget about all our problems and concerns, as if we have never existed in this world and the world itself doesn’t exist. If we want to sense a new reality, we shouldn’t be bothered by anything outside ourselves; therefore, we should pretend that our world does not exist.

2. We have to attempt to start sensing something great, new, eternal, perfect, lofty, and globally determinative. Thus, we must prepare ourselves to accept this new height and greatness.

3. Sensing the worlds beyond occurs through the unity of souls. We have to clearly understand that only our collective, inner efforts to unite our aspirations into one common intention can generate in each and every one of us the authentic desire to sense the spiritual realm – the property of bestowal and love.

4. As a result of our joint effort to attain the properties of bestowal and love, we’ll discover that we need outside support. This will produce an inner prayer to the Creator to help us and to make this quality emerge within us.

5. This type of prayer can surface in us and influence us as we study authentic Kabbalistic sources together with our group.

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  1. Greetings fellow Seekers,
    A new awareness of my Purpose in life has been given me. I have not “earned” this new awareness but it seems to have manifested itself as a genuine desire to unconditionally give of myself and of my possessions to others. Also I find that I have a new found “love” for my fellow man. I feel like this change is a very good thing and I have turned to Kabbalah to gain an understanding.
    I really enjoy your wisdom and insights but I don’t understand how I can cause (bring about) my soul to unite with the souls of others. I do believe that the union of souls is the ultimate desire. How can I learn to bring about this union of my soul with the souls of others? Thanks you….Deryle

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