How The Point Develops Into A Soul

aboveWe are starting to talk about the development of soul. In order to sense the spiritual world, we use a sense called “the soul.” However, we presently don’t have this sense. In order to obtain it, we must have the desire to develop this ability from a point and by using it, begin to sense all the images that The Zohar tells us about, such as Noah, Leah, Elokim, Yud Hey Vav Hey, the ark, a house, the Light and many other things. We know nothing of their true spiritual meaning yet, just as a baby that’s newly born into this world starts out with a blank, white page. Nothing is yet written on that page!

The baby must become acquainted with this world; little by little, he begins feeling more through his senses. We often do not notice how he prepares himself for this or how he expresses a desire to learn something. He appears closed inside himself and we simply give him nourishment and take care of his basic needs. However, as he grows, he begins opening up and reacting to things more.

In the spiritual world, however, we develop differently than a newborn body does in this world, because there is a soul developing from a point of desire that is inside us. If we read The Zohar under the influence of this point, we absorb all sorts of impressions from the study and this point begins to develop and swell. When it grows into a sphere of a certain size, we will begin sensing the spiritual world within it.

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