Escaping The Slavery Of Egoism

We Are In the Center of All the Worlds Everything we do in this world automatically follows our egoistic desires. We don’t realize that all we do 24 hours a day is serve our ego. We think that we enjoy at least an hour during the day, but we’re actually working for our egoism the whole time. This happens subconsciously.

The only way to escape this situation is to convince ourselves that the most important work is that of a spiritual nature; that our role is to add to the point in the heart given to us from Above. This thought must constantly be pounded into our heads and we have to consistently check whether our actions are leading us towards this goal.

How much you value the goal will define where you are heading. Even if you’re not capable of fully achieving the goal, at least you’re trying. Did you build the right environment – a support system that constantly reminds you of the importance of the spiritual goal? If not, then your life will vanish without you ever having achieved any results.

Merely being present at a lesson and being in the group doesn’t mean a thing. What’s important is not to become a lazy “fan” who watches the game from the stands and calls himself a sports lover.

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