Act By The Laws Of The World You Are In

New world A question I received: In my daily life I try to imagine that everything I come across is a part of my desire. Is this outlook correct, or will it just confuse me?

My Answer: Everything depends on the results of this outlook. The world behaves according to invariable laws. Until you come out of this world into the spiritual world and begin to feel it in a clear and sensory manner, it is forbidden for you to comprehend the spiritual world as though it already exists in a ready-made form for you.

I can only exist in the spiritual world if I am on a spiritual degree, whereas in this world I always exist on the corporeal level. Both of these levels exist until I reach the end of correction, at which point this world will vanish from my imagination. However, until this state of my complete correction, I will always live and exist in this world according to its laws, without fantasizing that I supposedly need to follow the laws of the spiritual nature in this world.

I do not need to pull the spiritual world into this world, and I shouldn’t raise this world into the spiritual world. This corporeal level obliges me to follow all the existing laws in it, as evidenced by the rules, “A doctor has the right to treat,” “A judge has no more than what his eyes can see,” and “If not I for me, then who will be for me?”

Meanwhile, the rule, “There is none else besides Him” pertains to the spiritual world. And there is no connection between the laws of this world and the laws of the spiritual world. This connection is hidden from us and hence “it doesn’t exist.” We have to live in a realistic manner, only within the boundaries of what we really perceive.

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