We Don’t Move On Our Own – The Light Moves Us

How Do You Avoid Becoming Relaxed On the PathA question I received: Your goals are beautiful: Happiness, freedom, consciousness of the people and harmony in the world. Am I right?

My Answer: Yes, you are,

Question cont’d: Your methods for reaching these goals are very effective: You use people’s ego to make them free from their ego and illusions. Am I right?

My Answer: Yes, you are.

Question cont’d: The consequences are exactly what you want them to be: People are attracted, the circle of your followers grows, and your power and influence grow too. Am I right?

My Answer: Yes, you are.

Question cont’d: Don’t you think that for the sake of creating more power sooner, you might have become slightly distracted from the true goal? Don’t you think that your followers are somewhat distracted too?

My Answer: Even if you were right, we still don’t move on our own. We are moved by the Light, and therefore we can never tell ahead of time what it is “to be distracted” and what it is “to go straight,” because we are move in a desert! See Baal HaSulam’s letter, “The Path to the Creator’s Hall, page 63.”

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