Yes, We Will Survive Without Egoism

ventureA question I received: We know that egoistic desires motivate us to battle laziness. So, if a person corrects his egoism, what will act as a stimulus for him? Every system has elements that help control it. So who or what will carry out this function in a non-egoistic society? How will we choose the managers?

We know that many people work in fields where they produce things a person can do without. What will happen to these people? By correcting their egoism, won’t an altruistic society become helpless against the egoistic society?

My Answer: Everything in the world is controlled by the forces of nature, so the more we correspond to them, the better off we will be, and our society will be better as well. If we only produce the things that are necessary, then everyone will have time left over for spiritual work, for studying Nature (the Creator). Then we will reveal abundance, according to the law of balance with Nature.

We don’t have to worry about what is not up to us – leave that to the Creator. The purpose of our lives is to change ourselves in order to become similar to Nature (the Creator). This will give us prosperity.

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