Let’s All Speak The Language Of Bestowal And Love

the-machsom-is-the-same-everywhere-even-in-japanWhen egoism flared up in Ancient Babylon and we stopped understanding each other on the level of our internality, this caused the appearance of different spoken languages, because people stopped understanding each other. The different languages came from Ancient Babylon, where every person started to hate the others. You talk, but I don’t want to understand you! Why should I care about you?

This is why you started speaking one language, and I – a different one. Inside, we don’t want to understand each other, and this is the source of the different languages. As soon as we will desire to understand each other, we will suddenly discover that a single language will form: “the language of bestowal.” And then, this will become expressed externally as well, and the whole world will start to speak one language…
(From Part 3 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson)

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