The UN Secretary General Calls For Action To Prevent Futher Melting Of Polar Ice

Laitman_41In the News (from AlertNet):From Polar ice rim, Ban issues call for urgent action on climate change” – Standing on rapidly melting polar ice, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has appealed to the world for urgent measures to be taken to combat climate change to protect the planet for future generations.

Witnessing the impacts of climate change on icebergs and glaciers first-hand, he said that he was informed by scientists that global warming is altering the Arctic faster than any other area. “We must stop this from further happening, “the Secretary-General stressed. “Unless we fight climate change, unless we stop this trend, we’ll have devastating consequences for humanity.” “We do not have any time to lose, “Mr. Ban underscored.

My Comment: Countries will not be able to come to any agreement. The Creator won’t allow it, since it might calm them down. By giving us blows,  He forces us to recognize the cause of the crises – interpersonal egoism, and He will force us to accept the method of correction – Kabbalah.

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