The Revelation Of Opposites Is The Springboard For Spiritual Ascent

authorEverything new in the world is born out of the sensation of an internal conflict, a contradiction of two opposites inside a single object. This sensation is unbearable, which is why it drives us to resolve the conflict. A person is unable to tolerate two opposites together.

This stems from the state before the First Restriction, when the creature senses that it receives from the Creator and is opposite to Him. This is why we cannot bear the sensation of discovering two opposites together.

Humanity is about to reveal this, and when it does, it will be in utter shock: on the one hand, we are connected to each other, and on the other hand, we hate each other. We will then be forced to solve the problem.

Therefore, the revelation of opposites is a necessary starting point for change. It is like a trampoline that facilitates the jump, because this sensation pressures us so powerfully that we simply have no other option but to break out of this state.

Hence, the faster these opposite forces are revealed in society – our inner hate for one another along with the necessity to unite and love, the way nature inherently does, the faster humanity will be compelled to solve this problem. Indeed, this duality is the reason for all the crises we are experiencing today. That is how we will reveal “the advantage of the Light from the darkness.”
(From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson)

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