The Special Light Of The Sukkoth Holiday

needA question I received: There is a unique Upper Light revealed during every holiday. What is the Light that comes to us during the holiday of Sukkoth, and how can we best use it to advance?

My Answer: Every spiritual state corresponds to particular Lights and desires (Kelim), which unite together. The Lights influence the desire, bringing it to a corrected state according to a certain program or order. The souls of a generation must go through the corrections together.

There are two types of Upper Providence: particular and general. The general providence awakens Kelim (desires) layer by layer, according to their level. This happens from one generation to the next, and forces the desires to develop naturally, following a path called “in its time” – Beito.

And, according to this natural progression of time, a special Light is now entering this world that advances all the people together. This is deemed a holiday; it is the reflection of the spiritual root in its corporeal branch.

In addition, a person whose desire for spirituality awakens individually can also use this general awakening for his advancement. This is very efficient, since there is a tremendous mass of desires celebrating Sukkoth, at the very least, in a symbolical manner, in the way of tradition.

If we add our intentions to this general awakening, we will help one another.

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