The Same Law Rules The Whole Of Nature


In the News (from Dead Ahead: Similar Early Warning Signals of Change in Climate, Ecosystems, Financial Markets, Human Health What do abrupt changes in ocean circulation and Earth’s climate, shifts in wildlife populations and ecosystems, the global finance market and its system-wide crashes,  asthma attacks and epileptic seizures have in common?According to a paper published this week in the journal Nature, they all share generic early-warning signals that indicate a critical threshold of change dead ahead. “It’s increasingly clear that many complex systems have critical thresholds–‘tipping points’–at which these systems shift abruptly from one state to another,” write the authors.

My Comment: After all, the Law is the same for the whole of Nature including all of human civilization. This is just the first of the discoveries of the global and integral dependency of all Nature’s parts.

When it obliges us to unite into one integral system, then negative changes will stop and everything will come to harmony, even the “irreversible” changes in the Earth’s climate.

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