The Only Thing Worth Being Disappointed About

disappointA question I received: Every New Year stirs new hope in me to reach the spiritual world, but at the end of the year I experience disappointment. How do I hold on to the hope?

My Answer: New hope and new disappointment are both good! You only have to connect them together and understand that no one is going to serve us the spiritual world on a silver platter.

There is no Creator outside of us. There is no world outside the person. We have nowhere to receive from! A person will reveal everything in his corrected self.

When one corrects his Kli, he reveals the Creator in it. Everything is revealed in the corrected (previously egoistic) desire (the Kli).

It is not easy to agree with this, but no one is standing in the way of us reaching the spiritual world – the quality of bestowal and love.

You exist in one reality, in one place – in your desires. By changing them, you feel that you are in a different world. By changing the desires from “for myself” to “for bestowal,” you reveal the Upper World!

Everything is inside you – this world as well as the world to come. This world is what I perceive now. If I correct my Kli, I will begin to feel the spiritual world – my world to come.

There is just one law operating you: you always feel your own qualities, and nothing else. So you have no one else to ask to change the world or to change you. You can change anything only by changing yourself through using the laws of Nature.

If a person is standing at a stoplight and it doesn’t change for five minutes, will he start cursing and flinging his boots at it? No, because the stoplight is not alive. In the past, however, instead of stoplights there were human traffic regulators, whom you could ask for something.

So, everything depends on who you imagine standing before you – a living being or a law. We think that the Creator is “alive” like us and that we can influence Him or ask Him for something. However, thousands of years of history should teach us otherwise.

Question cont’d: So what about our prayers?

My Answer: To pray means to judge yourself. Through prayer, a person changes his desires and qualities. With his plea, he sets into motion the system,in which he exists. This system affects him, and to this extent, his desire also changes.

Question cont’d: And what about the Light that Reforms?

My Answer: Revealing the Light means receiving a sensation in your corrected desire – your quality of bestowal. This sensation of your corrected state is, in fact, the Light!

When you reveal the Light within the Kli, the Kli itself reveals its corrected qualities. When the Light that Reforms shines to you, you thereby reveal your future state, which is already being illuminated to you now, in the present.

Question cont’d: But a person feels tired, disappointed…

My Answer: One should feel disappointed only by the fact that he did not make enough effort. Otherwise, he would be able to change himself and feel this change – the Upper World or State.

Precisely the effort brings me to a realization that I am incapable, I have no strength, and I will never reach the spiritual world using my own strength. I can find the strength for this only in the group. A person can sit alone and cry for a long time, but this will not help him.

One must receive forces from others, connect them together, and then he will have enough strength to change his qualities, revealing a new world in them.

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