Anything That Isn’t A Vital Necessity Is Harmful

blamingWe consist of two parts: the physical body and the soul. The body requires “the necessities,” the things needed for a reasonable subsistence. All the remaining efforts must be aimed at developing the soul, because that is the only reason for our existence.

All activities in our world that carry no vital necessity, actually bring great harm, because they divert people from their spiritual development and impede them from taking the fast track to correction. They convolute our lives with transient pleasures, and it takes us all too much effort to discard all this refuse and begin to discern what is truly important for us!

At the same time, the world is attaching greater and greater importance to this refuse, continually swelling up its value and false necessity. As a result, all of humanity is engaged in ultimately useless endeavors.

If only people would receive the proper education, even those who aren’t yet aspiring to reveal the concealed world, this education would cause them to develop correctly, and then our world would look completely different!

But the way things stand now, all our useless pursuits are only leading the world deeper into its current state of crisis.

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