Our World Is Like A Wall Concealing The True Reality


A question I received: If we proceed from the assumption that there are two realities, physical and spiritual, it follows that there must be two histories as well. There’s the history of the corporeal, physical world, and there’s the spiritual plane of history, correct?

My Answer: They are the same, because the spiritual plane is the “base” upon which our corporeal world exists. That is to say, our world exists upon a net of forces, which we cannot feel. We call these forces “spiritual” because they are beyond our senses, too subtle to be perceived by them. We simply haven’t learned to perceive them yet. But it is these forces alone that determine everything taking place in the corporeal world, and this world is a reflection of those forces.

Question cont’d: But in science we make derivations based solely on the cause and effect relationships of this world. How, then, does the spiritual world play into it?

My Answer: Think of it this way: a small child walks up to a faucet constructed into a wall, turns on the faucet, and fills his cup with water. He thinks that this is the way the world is set up: he believes that water simply flows out of the faucet in the wall. But what exists behind the wall is beyond his understanding. To him, the faucet is the source of the water.

And that is precisely how our earthly sciences perceive everything that happens to us, as they never see beyond the “wall” of our world. So what actually happens behind that “wall”? This is explained by the science of Kabbalah.

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