A Kabbalah Student Has To Unite His Heart And Mind

reasonThe correct way to study is to always connect your mind with your feelings, like a doctor who gives a sick patient a medicine, knowing its ingredients and how it works, and at the same time, understanding how the patient feels. This is how we have to research the desire to enjoy: on one hand, we can talk about sensations, as The Book of Zohar does, and on the other hand, we can discuss scientific terms and definitions, which Baal HaSulam adds in his “Sulam Commentary” on The Zohar’s original text.

This is why the science of Kabbalah may seem mystical, founded on sensations, faith and morals, but on the other hand, it’s a science that has precise definitions and analysis, explaining how the entire system of Lights and Kelim operates, similar to a well working machine. So, are we dealing with science or sensations? The answer is: both!

A student has to try to connect both of these approaches together in order to unite his heart and mind. He has to be able to feel and see why he feels the way he does, which forces and actions of the Creator are operating inside his desires, and what is happening inside them. But on the other hand, he has to be able to evoke the actions of the Light (the Creator), so they will influence him. He has to know them and be able to measure them correctly, while feeling and marveling at what is happening inside him.

He has to connect the mind and feelings together by staying in the middle line and controlling his research of himself. He should evoke the Creator’s actions and see the results inside him, and in addition, experience the results of the Creator’s work in a very sensitive way. Yet, at the same time, he should stay grounded and not lose self-control. He shouldn’t forget where each action comes from, why, and how to use it next.

This constitutes our entire work, because the Creator wants us to work with the matter He created and to have control over it. We thereby attain His mind, the very Plan of Creation.

Meanwhile, people who aren’t familiar with the science of Kabbalah think that it is mysticism or fantasies. They don’t understand that this is real, actual work with the matter of creation, with all of reality, carried out with full awareness and control. You control yourself and the Creator’s actions, because everything happens by your choice alone.

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