If You Ask, Your Wish Shall Come True

farmIt is written, “There is not a blade of grass below that has not an angel above it that strikes it and tells it, ‘Grow,’” which means that everything comes from Above. And this general governance from Above is the shared path of the whole world’s development.

However, when we try to attain the goal of creation, we subject ourselves to the individual governance, which operates by a different rule: our desire, our prayer (MAN) from below precedes everything else. It is only afterwards that the Light (correction) descends from Above. That is why any new spiritual state that emerges within us is a result of our desire for it. However, we have no control over the actions that take place; we merely ask, demand and desire for something to happen, and then the Light from Above, from our next degree, performs this change within us and we ascend onto the next degree.

The entire skill of the spiritual work is to understand this, and then to begin to feel and act in this manner. All that is required of us is to investigate, scrutinize and ask for something, and as soon as our request is made correctly, it draws an instant response from the Light.

Therefore, all the changes begin with man, but are carried out by the Creator. The Light remains in the state of absolute rest, waiting for us to demand these changes.

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