Disappearing Matter: The Next Step For Science

disapperingAs scientists research nature, they discover that all matter consists of elementary particles and energy. By penetrating deeper inside matter, instead of particles they start finding waves, or in other words, forces.

But after that, matter disappears completely, and the only thing that remains is the force containing the Upper Light.

When these forces are identified by humans, they take on forms of inanimate objects, plants, animals and man. But all of these are just forces.

It’s similar to how an image is created on a TV screen by electromagnetic forces. That is how our picture of reality is depicted to us by forces, giving us a sensation of the world and ourselves.

However, when we go deeper into the micro-world, there will be a point where we won’t even see waves. Everything there disappears, similar to a clean, white page that was never touched by pen or pencil. That is how the scientific research of reality shifts from the observation of physical objects to atoms, waves and then – emptiness.

Through our research of matter, we return to the cause of is emergence – the Upper Light. But in order to perceive and research It, the researchers will have to change!
(From Part 3 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson)

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  1. Scientists know what is the real source of the whole matter of course. On my stumble opinion perhaps they don’t feel the need to develop another tools for their researches, or they don’t still feel the necessity for it! For first they have to change their internality and to feel the subject of what they investigate! Perhaps in future there will be only one, let me say ‘all incusive’ science’! What does it mean? Coming back to the root of the science, but from another perspective.
    Scientists research the nature and we have today many sciences, and thy all are so far away from the real sources of nature because the scientists today still can’t feel what nature realy is! They are at their labs, writing of course books that have helped so much humanity to progress, but it is still on the level on their separate points of view what is the whole nature itself. The more fare from nature, the less opportunities to feel it and to help humanity to progress faster.

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