Acting In Accordance With The Principle Of Truth

threatWe always try to act in accordance with principles that replace the principle of truth. Truth is possible only when I attain the whole of creation and reveal the Nature of all creatures, the entire interconnection between everything and am able to see that the entire system is no longer concealed from me. At that point, I will have reached the revelation of the system of all worlds, meaning, the connections that exist between us.

I come to a state where everything is clearly revealed, I come to truly understand everything, make the correct decisions and manage everything correctly.

As yet, I still don’t have the opportunity to treat everyone and everything in the correct manner. Since society can’t demand true justice from a single person, in its place, we have created social systems based on the concepts of “mercy,” “justice” and “peace” in an effort to somehow compensate for all the differences between us.

To make up for our incorrect actions in society, humanity has invented all sorts of artificial entities, which is much like having prosthetic rather than real legs. So, in order to be able to live, we have created national welfare systems for the poor, pensions for the elderly, health care insurance and various social service and charitable funding agencies.

In our lifetime however, all these systems have stopped working, since the interconnection between people has been revealed. We have been stricken by the global crisis and it is impossible to maintain the existing systems if we don’t come to know the global system of connections between us.

At the moment, we are only seeing the external manifestations of the crisis in industry, culture, education and the mass media. However, we are connected internally and it is precisely this connection that we have to correct. Once we achieve this, then all other external systems will be corrected. After all, we did build them all based on our egoism.

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