Why Was America Hit First?

A New Year's Wish to the WorldA question I received: Please explain to me why has this crisis hit the United States? Americans are the most generous people on this planet. They give so much to charities throughout the world. They contribute to humanitarian causes. It is thanks to the United States that I was able to come from the former Soviet Union, and why the Jewish people are safe today and have their own homeland, why the old Soviet Union was destroyed and why the world prospered for a very long time.

Maybe Americans do not do this purely from altruistic tendencies as Kabbalah explains, but still their contributions and deeds should not be overlooked. Of all the countries in the world, the United States is closer to the “Love your neighbor” philosophy than any other country that I am aware of.

So why did this crisis come to them? What fault did the United States do to deserve this type of judgment?

My Answer: Because the United States is the most developed country and the most connected with all other countries and parts of the planet, they were the ones to feel the beginning of the global crisis, which will only continue to expand and will envelop everything. It will then grow into ecological, epidemic and social crises. This will go on until we begin to resolve it by cooperating globally, as one body without boundaries.

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