Why Are We Here?

purposeA question I received: Lately I need to listen to the lessons and read materials on Kabbalah just like I need to eat and drink. Every day I feel as though I just cannot go on if I don’t do it. When I study, I feel great for the rest of the day. But then when evening comes, I have to study some more, or otherwise I will feel like I’ve lost something. What is going on? Is this to my advantage or do I have to overcome these feelings?

My Answer: We were created in this world in order to reveal the Upper World while living in this world, and then we will exist in both worlds as one. Hence, according to Nature’s plan, we must devote all of our free time (free from acquiring the necessary things for existence) to the revelation of the second part of our existence – the Upper World. We must enter the Upper World before our physical bodies die, and then continue to exist there even after our bodies die. If we don’t do this in time, then we will continue the revelation of the second, concealed part of our life in the next life cycle.

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