What Do Kabbalists See? (And What Do They Eat?)

The intention of attaining the Creator does not conflict with careerThree questions I received on the experience of being a Kabbalist:

Question: People come to you asking about what to change their name to, couples asking if they should get married and what to name their babies. How do you know what to answer them?

My Answer: I do not have any supernatural abilities. I give advice as a person with lots of life experience, and I may be wrong.

My recommendations hold no mystical spells or powers. In fact, no one has such powers! People such as Wolf Messing have a natural ability to see our world and to see the future; however, none of these “psychics” are Kabbalists. They’re only able to sense our world better than other people, but not the Upper World.

I’m a Kabbalist – I see the Upper World and the path leading to it. During our Kabbalah studies, to the degree we aspire toward correction, we evoke the Upper Light – the Creator’s force of love and bestowal, which corrects us. Even the beginners, who don’t yet have the qualities to clearly sense the Light, can feel this force and its influence during the studies.

However, in all other respects, I am just like everyone else.

Question: Do Kabbalists eat meat?

My Answer: They always have.

Question: Is Rav Laitman a Kabbalist?

My Answer: I don’t know, but he eats meat!

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  1. Thank you i have participated in some of your lessons. I sign up when available and although concerned in the way the world is at this time I do sense a feeling of trust in our creators plan
    Thank you for that

  2. ALL of the animals that we eat live a life of suffering and tremendous fear during and especially before death. How can a Kabbalist partake in the suffering of sentient animals?

    I can’t believe that a person who is trying to live a life of kindness towards others would knowing partake in the killing of animals.

    Rav Kook, the first head rabbi of Israel clearly explains why Judiasm is against killing animals for our pleasure. And since today we do not need to kill animals in order to survive, there is no reason to eat animals what so ever, expect to satisfy our bodily pleasure. And that seems to me to be the opposite of what Kabbalah is teaching.

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