The True Meaning Of The Revival Of The Dead And The Coming Of The Messiah

trueTwo questions I received on the Messiah and the revival of the dead:

Question: Would you care to comment on this statement? “The Messiah will come only when he is no longer necessary; he will come only on the day after his arrival; he will come, not on the last day, but on the very last day.” It is a quote from the writings of Franz Kafka.

My Answer: Kafka was a philosopher. His words once again prove it is impossible for the human mind and heart to understand nature, life and man. To do this, one needs to reveal the Creator.

Question: What is the revival of the dead and the coming of the Messiah according to Kabbalah?

You’ve said that the revival of the dead means that people will stop being egoists. Revival of the dead is described in the book of Yechezkel, and it is not the same as what you’ve said. Did you imply that during the revival of the dead the material world will unite with the spiritual world, and then people and souls will exist in one world? And if not, if everything is spiritual, then is the Messiah also spiritual rather than material?

My Answer: The Messiah isn’t a person, but a force that corrects us. After all, what can a person possibly do!? This force will correct the egoistic intentions accompanying all our desires, making them altruistic. Then we will all become equal to the Creator and attain the goal of creation – adhesion with Him.

To break it down even more: people will discover within them the force to correct their egoism. This force, which pulls them out of the egoistic perception of this world, is called the Messiah (which means “to extract, to pull out” in Hebrew). Instead of their egoism, they will acquire a perception of others, a connection with them through desires and sensations, and be one whole with them. As a result, they will acquire their souls.

The soul is a part of the Creator, the quality of love and bestowal. When all the people will do this, being that all people are interconnected, they will lose the perception of their differences – the perception of their physical bodies. Then, within their common perception, they will reveal the World of Infinity and adhesion with the Creator.

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