The World Is Round

You Can't Teach Anyone Through ForceA question I received: Do you think that the current global crisis will bring us back to a multi-polar world, the way Russia wants it to?

My Answer: We must recognize that only actions aimed at balance with the single, global nature can bring us real benefit – unity into one whole, the creation of one global government, global distribution of the natural resources and of the results of commercial production. Of course, it’s impossible to attain this instantaneously, but even small steps in this direction – due to being directed toward equivalence with Nature – will be accompanied by positive changes.

The opposition between Russia and America, their isolation from each other, and the crisis that followed, showed that it’s no longer possible for one country to prosper at the expense of another – “I’m happy when you’re sad.” Either both succeed or both fail.

Moreover, this doesn’t depend on what the politicians want or don’t want. It is an objective revelation of the global world. In the global economy there cannot be any competition between nations, because we all share the same finances – even though it still seems strange that each has its own budget, banks, and problems. If they will continue along this route, then the crisis will grow from an economic one into a systematic social one, and then – a political one.

There is only one solution: to consider the world round instead of multi-polar. To consider finances common and not personal, to view Nature as the Upper Law; to study its globality, harmony and balance – and follow it!

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  1. These feeling touchy stuff all sound great.  However, how practical are they in todays world or any world.  The fighting and fighting will continue until half the world will be destroyed or when everyone awakens at the same time.  Otherwise, there does not seem to be a way out.

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