The Source of Happiness

The Greatest Thing You Can Attain Is the Greatest Thing That There IsBaal HaSulam. Article “The Peace.” He who breaks the laws of nature:
Because the world is governed by the Creator, who has a specific goal in all of His actions, hence anyone who breaks the laws of nature that were set by the Creator, harms the end goal, which is founded on the observance of all these laws without exception. And he who breaks even one law violates and harms the end goal that was set by the Creator, and will therefore be punished by nature (by the Creator via nature).

Baal HaSulam. Article “The Peace.” Attainment of the Creator is the path to peace:
The egoistic opposition between people and nations will disappear from the world only with the help of the Upper Force of the Creator (Nature), if we will desire unity with Him. This is initially implanted in the Thought of Creation. And if we aspire to this goal of adhesion with the Creator, then our envy, pride and hatred with disappear, and we shall assemble together into one heart, filled with the knowledge of the Creator.

Baal HaSulam. Article “Peace in the World.” The whole world is regarded as one single society:
In our times, when every person is dependent on the whole world in order to provide for him, in the same degree every person becomes dependent on the whole world just like a tiny gear in a car. Hence, we can no longer consider the well being and safety of a certain country or nation, but only the world as a whole. After all, today the well being of everyone in the world depends upon and is measured by the well being of all the people in the world.

And don’t be surprised that I link the well being of the individual with the well being of the society and even the whole world. In reality we have already reached a state where the entire world is regarded as one society. Today every person in the world is nourished by the entire world, and therefore must care for the well being of the whole world.

Baal HaSulam. Article “Freedom of Will.” The source of suffering:
Unity of the society is the source of happiness and well being, whereas separation between people is the source of all miseries. All fortunes and well being depend only on the drawing together and unification of the global community.

My Comment: Baal HaSulam wrote the articles “The Peace,” “Peace in the World” and “Freedom of Will” back in 1924-1927!

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